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Probate and Administration
RITA undertakes administration of deceased estates either by request following appointment by the court, or by direct appointment by the court. In undertaking administration RITA is governed by the following laws. Procedure /requirement

On Request
  • Submit application letter to RITA or District Administrative Secretary (DAS) in respect of District in which the deceased had property, whereby DAS will fill and submit Form AG7 to RITA requesting the Administrator General to undertake Administration of the Estate of a named deceased person. The applicant should be a person who is interested in the Administration of the Estate.
  • The Administrator General will scrutinize the application and if finds it proper to administer the estate will petition the court for appointment to be the Administrator of the estate otherwise s/he will advise the parties the best course to take.
  • Pay initial administration fee depending on the size of the Estate.
On Direct appointment by the Court
  • A person interested in the Administration of the Estate of the Deceased person may apply to the court having jurisdiction praying that the Administrator General be appointed Administrator of the Estate. The Administrator General should be served with copies of application.
  • The court will hear the petition and make the necessary appointment.
NB: Having been appointed the Administrator General will undertake Administration of the Estate by collecting the Estate, paying the debts and finally distributing the estate to rightful beneficiaries according to the applicable law or agreement of the beneficiaries in case of intestate succession or according to Will of the deceased.