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Date: 08 February, 2015 Author: Jafari Malema

The  registration Insolvency and Trusteeship Agency (RITA) workers led by CEO Mr. Phillip Saliboko while in training capacity building in accountability.
These studies were done on fresh Kunduchi Hotel in Dar es Salaam last weekend.

All workers are required to work hard and dedication as they comply with the principles and rules of public service during the execution of the daily responsibilities.


Speaking at the opening of the training Chief Executive Officer of RITA Mr. Phillip Saliboko has said, it prefers everyone making self assessments of its operation for the past year and then fix all defects encountered in order to maintain discipline, cooperation and dedication while serving the people.


Trainer of the training Mr. Carl  Bosser said, in order to achieve daily tasks are the responsibility of every employee in the unit concerned to finish its obligations given by its head of department and then provide information and feedback on time instead of waiting to be asked, '' you will find someone commissioned by his chief of the department is not doing at the time and even doing is destroying  your superior then other days your head of the department does himself,'' this situation  lead to mistrust between the two sides.


On the other hand, Mr Mbwambo from the Department of preventing and combating corruption PCCB said "giving and receiving bribes is an offence and if you find guilty you will face the charges or being dismissed from job.


Staffs from various districts mainland counterparts joined RITA headquarters where they had an opportunity to exchange work experience and belong together in various games and   dancing.


 Mr Joseph Mwakatobe from Insolvency and Trusteeship unit RITA headquarter said “have applauded the initiative by the administration  as well as promotes unity and solidarity as one family and thus find themselves disputing various factors and challenges of life.’’


Rita makes this training every year with great purpose to recall the responsibility of every employee in serving the people together and sharing information on strategies envisaged to be implemented soon.