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The world Women's Day
Date: 08 March, 2015 Author: Jafari Malema

Mke wa rais wa Jamhuri ya Muungano wa Tanzania Mama Salma Kikwete ambaye pia ni Mwenyekiti wa WAMA, akizungumza na wanawake wa Jiji la Dar es salaam katika maadhimisho ya siku ya wanawake duniani yaliyofanyika kimkoa katika viwanja vya mnazi Mmoja hii leo

RITA joins with all Women  to celebrate  International Women's Day

The society is required to resist against any violence to women and join together  with Government  to fight the practices which including sexual violence and health risks, subjected to the same rights when making decisions, and excluded in a socially and economically and thus contributing to withhold the right of the woman hence  hindering  the development.

Speaking at the ceremony at Mnazi mmoja Ground  in Dar es Salaam, the wife of the President of the United Republic of Tanzania, Hon Mama Salma Kikwete has mentioned these challenges that are various diseases including HIV AIDS , mortality and fertility, sexual harassment, rape, childhood  pregnancy and deprived of the right to property, especially land which she asked the community to cooperate in order to cope with these challenges.


The World Women’s day  celebrated on 8 March every year where its origin began in 1911 in the United States where women were protesting to demand their rights where they were underpaid and forced labor  for several hours while lacked  the social services and gender discrimination, so after the establishment of the United Nations in 1945 adopted a resolution that on 08 March each year it is a World Women’s day.