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RITA provides a special training for coordinators and Members of VICOBA in Dar Es Salaam
Date: 23 March, 2015 Author: Jafari Malema

Mkuu wa kitengo cha ndoa na talaka Jane Balongo kutoka RITA akifafanua jambo wakati wa mafunzo juu ya usajili wa vizazi,vifo ndoa na talaka yaliyofanyika makao makuu ya VICOBA jijini Dar es salaam, kushoto kwake ni Rais wa VICOBA Mh Devota Likokola.

 RITA provides special training for Coordinators and Members of VICOBA in Dar Es Salaam.

More than 200  members of  VICOBA from different parts of Dar es Salaam and surrounding regions today have been given knowledge about the registration and issuance of birth certificates, marriage and divorce with the aim of helping them during the activity which including mortgage, property , land and right to inherit property of spouse  when passed away .

 Apart from the training the VICOBA Members have been asked to respond to the potential ongoing Initiative of registration and issuance of birth certificates to pupils of primary schools at Kinondoni Municipality where they can register their children and their families.

The President of VICOBA Hon Devota Likokola(MP) spoken largely about the importance of certification to VICOBA Members because everywhere they asked to have this document including being a member of the National Health Insurance Fund, Opening Bank Account , receive credit as well as immigration once they need a passport must have birth certificates.