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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


  1. I am a Tanzanian born abroad; can I obtain a birth certificate from your office?
    • Tanzanian born abroad cannot obtain birth certificate in Tanzania in Tanzania Mainland. The law governing births and deaths registration does not allow to register birth events that occurred abroad.

  2. My birth certificate has the names I was given after birth, and my other documents have got different names, how can I go about addressing the problem?
    • The law allows to change names within two years after registration of birth.Alternatively, change of name can be effected through registration of Deed Poll CAP.117

  3. I was born many years ago at home; can i obtain my birth certificate?
    • Yes. Birth Certificate can be obtained through application for late registration by filling Form B3 Note: This should not go beyond April, 1921

  4. My father died many years ago, I need the Death certificate, how can I obtain it?
    • The procedure to obtain a death certificate is to register a death event first by filling application Form D3

  5. What is the procedure for obtaining a copy of a birth certificateafter it getslost?
    • Provide relevant particulars:
    • Child’s name
    • Father’s name
    • Mother’s name
    • Place of Birth
    • Relevant dates of birth and registration
    • Date of issue if possible
    • A copy of such certificate if any
    • Appropriate fee of Tshs 3500/=

  6. Who is responsible for registering deaths?
    • The responsible person for registration of death is as follows:- Doctor, A nearest relative of such person who was present at death.
    • A person in attendance during during his/her last illness
    • The occupier of the house
    • Inmate of the house
    • Any other person taking charge of burying such person

  7. My child was born in MWANZA; can I obtain a birth certificate for him/her in Dar-es-salaam?
    • You can obtain a birth certificate of a child born in Mwanza only if such birth was first registered in Mwanza.Note: Otherwise, the birth certificate must be obtained in Mwanza.

  8. Can errors made during processing of the certificates be corrected?
    • Correction of errors is done upon request.
    • The applicant must submit supporting document ie copies of identity cards or certificates if for proof.
    • Appropriate fee shs 6500/=


  1. How can I get copy of marriage certificate if the original one is lost?
    • All marriages celebrated in Tanzania mainland are registered with the registration with the registrar general of marriages and divorce. All District Registrars and ministers of religion are required by law to send returns of all marriages officiated by them at the end of every calendar month. It is from this return that the registrar general maintains a register of marriages.
    • If the original marriage certificate is lost you can obtain a copy of an entry in the marriage registrar kept by the registrar general.

      How to proceed;
    • Present your request RITA offices indicating names of the parties to the marriages, of marriage place, of marriage (district) indirect also whether it was a civil or religious marriage.
    • Pay appropriate fee which currently is TSH 30000/=constituted as follows:
      -TSH 10000/= search fee.
      -TSH 20000/=certificate fee.

  2. I am Tanzanian living abroad and I want to get marriage there but the authorities required me to produce a certificate from Tanzania that is it have no impediments to marriage. How can I obtain it?
    • Approach Tanzanian embassy in a country your staying top obtain relevant application from (for RGM……)which you must fill to submit to the registrar general of marriage through the embassy Or(you can down load this form from our website)or present it to RITA offices in Tanzania if you happen to be there.
    • This application must be accompanied by relevant documents to easily identify you. Such documents includes but not limited to you a copy of passport, birth certificate and any marital statutory.
    • Pay the necessary fee which currently is TSH 200000/=

      If this certificate is to be sent to you make sure that the payments include postage legalization fee to any.

  3. Iam a Tanzania living abroad. I contracted marriage there .Can I register this marriage in Tanzania?

    Yes, you can register this marriage by making an application to the registrar general (RITA offices)
      • Fill form RGMF7 and 48.
      • Attach English or Swahili versions of your marriage certificate (if your marriage certificate is not in English or Swahili a certificate translated copy by comuler officer or notary public.
      • Pay the appropriate fee currently is TSH 29,000/=.

        Marriage contracted In Tanzania embassies abroad are regarded as marriages contracted in Tanzania mainland not covered by this procedure.

  4. There is a marriage which is to be officiated and I feel that there exist impediments of that marriage .how can I go about blocking it?
    • Give notice of your objection in writing to the registrar whom the notice of intention was given.
    • Copy notice of your objection to the registrar general of marriage and divorces
    • If you think that the parties may decide to issue a new a new notice to another registrar, copy your objection to that registrar.

  5. Many marriages were dissolved by the court. How can I get my divorce certificate?
    • Submit copy of your marriage certificate to the registrar general (RITA).
    • Submit a copy of the deseed from the court
    • Pay the necessary fee which currently is TSH 20000/=

      Your divorce will be recognized and registered I time allowed for appeal has expired and no appeal was preferred or if was preferred it has been finally determined and no further appeal or pording.

  6. Is it possible for somebody to collect a license of marriage on behalf of another person?
    • What is required is to bring your identity card, an original copy of expired license and introduction letter from the applicant.

  7. In contracted marriage in 1958 before the law of marriage act 1971 come into being and my marriage was not registered under the old law (the marriage ordinance)but my marriage is still subsisting. Can I register this marriage and get the marriage certificate?
    • Apply to the registrar general of marriage s by (RITA) filling forms RGMf. 7and 48
    • Annex to this application, evidence to prove your marriage such certificates issued by ministers of religion or kadhi
    • Annex an affidavit to prove that marriage is still subsisting.
    • Pay the necessary fee which currently is TSH 20000/=