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Public Trustee
Minors Accounts 

An administrator of the estate of the deceased person including the Administrator General upon completion of the Administration of the Estate were there is no guardian willing to hold share of a minor may transfer shares of inheritance of that minor to the Public Trustee who will hold the share until that minor attains majority ( i.e. 18 years and above).

Property falling ownerless

High Court upon application by the Attorney General may appoint the Public Trustee to be Trustee of property of a public nature where it is proved to the satisfaction of the court that theres no person in Tanzania mainland willing and capable of holding such property until further orders of the court or upon a person entitled there to coming into existence.

Procedure / requirement
  • An interested person notifies the Attorney General on the existence of the property of a public nature likely to fall ownerless.
  • The Attorney General petition the High court under the Public Trustee Act, Cap 31 R.E 2002.
  • Public Trustee appointed Trustee and takes administration of the property until further order of the court or upon a person entitled there to coming into existence