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Birth and Death Registration System (BRS4G)

The Registration Insolvency and Trusteeship Agency (RITA) in collaboration with President’s Office Public Service Management (PO-PSM) are implementing an improved Birth Registration System (BRS) which is core element in RITA's strategy to register the births of the majority of children in Tanzania within the next five years. There is urgent need to improve the birth registration system.  The backlog of unregistered births is growing rapidly and includes large numbers of children under five years of age.  The BRS is a special project that will put in place a completely new system for registering births centered on new information and communications technology (ICT). 

The BRS will be capable of enabling all newborn children to be registered within 90 days of their birth and must also enable, at any time in their lives, the late registration of the large numbers of people whose births have not been registered.  State of the art data collection devices and communications systems will be used to build an innovative and efficient BRS system.  At its heart will be a continuously updated secure database, which will provide and store data both for the registration process itself and, subject to security and data integrity requirements being met, to other government organizations.

Envisaged Benefits

  • Improved productivity and efficiency of the vital registration system; 
  • improved ability to generate reports and data on the state of citizenry;  
  • more robust environment for storing data and opportunities for linking with other beneficiaries such as National Electoral Commission (NEC), Passport System, TRAPO-PSMNIDA, Labour, National Bureau of Statistics (NBS)Home affairsHealthEducation, etc.
  • Better protection of country wide data on vital statistics birth registration statistics are fundamental to informed planning to ensure that the basic needs of children are met.