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Ministerial Advisory Board (MAB)


Responsibilities Of The Ministerial Advisory Board. (MAB)

A Ministerial Advisory Board  established to assist the  Administrator General/Chief Excutive Officer to exercise strategic management.  

The Board  chaired by the PS and have  small membership of appropriate senior stakeholders, including representatives of the Agency's customers.

The Ministerial Advisory Board shall give advice to the Minister on the following:

  • The development and maintenance of a policy framework
  • The objectives of RITA
  • The acceptability of the Administrator General Strategic and Business Plans and associated    budgets
  • Setting of priorities and annual performance targets for the Agency
  • The acceptability of the Annual Reports and Financial Statements
  • The evaluation of the Agency's performance
  • And any other matter provided for under the Executive Agencies Act No.30 of1997
  • Much other matters affecting RITA as the Administrator General may from time to time refer to the Board.